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Certus Touch Screen Metal Detector

Metal Detectors: Certus TS Metal Detector
Proven On-Line Metal Detection



Maximizing Quality and Performance

The new METTLER TOLEDO Safeline Certus provides highly reliable, cost-effective metal detection in dry applications. The stainless steel unit offers high sensitivity with automatic product set up and an easy to use LCD/LED display with a membrane key pad.

The easy-to-use Certus is the ideal way to implement metal detection in order to protect your products and grow your customer base. Certus is designed for use in non-wash down applications.

The Certus provides highly reliable METTLER TOLEDO Safeline metal detection technology in non wash down applications. Standard features include:

  • Stainless steel case
  • User-friendly LCD/LED display with membrane key pad
  • Automatic product set up
  • Two serial ports for connectivity and reporting
  • Product setting memory

Certus can be purchased as a stand-alone metal detector head or with a fully-integrated conveyor system with optional product reject mechanisms. METTLER TOLEDO Safeline offers both heavy duty and standard duty stainless steel construction conveyor systems depending on your product weights - contact sales for more information.

A large, full color touch-screen interface with a Windows® style, icon driven menu provides easy, intuitive operator access. The interface simplifies procedures and places a host of valuable process information at the fingertips of your whole manufacturing team.

Certus TS metal detection systems provide the means to deliver significant benefits for your business. Maximizing product quality, enhancing manufacturing efficiency and delivering high levels of protection for your customers is just the beginning.

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Certus TS Metal Detection
Certus TS Metal Detection