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Gravity FlowHD™ Metal Detection System

Metal Detectors: Gravity FlowHD™
Free flowing powders and granular products Inspection



Maximum Protection, Ultimate Product Quality

Designed to deliver ultimate product quality and total peace of mind for you and your customers, METTLER TOLEDO SAFELINE Gravity FlowHD™ systems inspect free falling powdered and granular products for metal contamination.

As an integrated system in your production process, Pipeline metal detectors can increase productivity, improve the competitiveness of your business, reduce overall costs and support compliance with food safety standards.

High frequency operation and sophisticated electronic filtering techniques combine to deliver the ultimate in metal detection sensitivity. This enables all metals to be identified in the product flow. Contaminants readily detected include ferrous, non-ferrous (including aluminum) and the most difficult to find non–magnetic stainless steels.

When the system detects metal, a fully automatic, high speed reject device diverts the contaminated product and isolates it from the main product flow. The combination of maximum detection capability and the most efficient rejection systems lead to optimal operational efficiency, maximum profitability, and compliance with both internal and external standards and regulations.

Operation is simple and can be performed via an intuitive membrane style key panel in the case of PowerPhase and PowerPhasePLUS electronics based systems or via a full color touch screen interface in the case of PowerPhasePRO electronics based system maximizing uptime.

Easy Clean Design

Maximized uptime through easy clean design All reject devices are designed to be dismantled quickly and easily without the need for tools. This means that clean down procedures are shortened and production capacity is maximized.

Rectangular outlets

Is standard for high volume throughput and reduced overall height.

Integrated test facility

This provides efficient means of testing detector performance and reject diverter operation.

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