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HDS Pipeline Metal Detector

Metal Detectors: HDS Pipeline
Food Industry Inspection System



Inspection of The Food Industry

Safeline's HDS Pipeline systems deliver unparalleled sensitivity to all metal types, including ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel. They are also able to find non-spherical contaminants such as metal clips, wire, swarf, and slithers of metal. These contaminants can exhibit an orientation effect making them a challenge for other metal detectors to locate. The advanced coil design and market leading software also provide exceptional levels of on-line stability minimizing instances of false triggering and the rejection of good product.

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's HDS pipeline metal detectors are intended predominantly for use in the sausage manufacturing sector of the food industry. These rugged, mobile, compact systems are designed for close integration with leading vacuum fillers and other sausage processing equipment.

Integration with other elements in the manufacturing process is an essential requirement for any sausage product inspection system. HDS pipeline systems provide seamless integration and deliver unrivalled on-line metal detection sensitivity and stability in the harshest of production environments.

Easy to operate

The operator interface is provided via a robust, intuitive menudriven membrane key panel. This offers simple set-up routines and maximum inspection process control.

IP69K Sealing

Sealed to IP69K standard, the rugged heavy duty wash-down construction is designed to withstand the rigors of hostile environments found in meat and food processing plants.

Full integration with vacuum fillers and maximum mobility

HDS pipeline systems have been designed for close integration with leading vacuum filler machines and other process equipment.

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