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PipeChek X-ray inspection system

X-Ray Inspection: PipeChek
X-ray inspection system



Inspection of Fluid and Semi-Solid Products

Safeline's PipeChek X-ray is designed for inspection of pumped product, slurries and fluids. PipeChek detects and rejects many contaminants including metal, stone, glass, bone, and high-density plastic.

Quick, tool-free disassembly ensures the highest levels of sanitation can be maintained. The system automatically calibrates in less than one minute and there are multiple types of reject valves available.

X-ray inspection systems for pumped products are used to inspect products at an early stage of the production to minimize wastage and to save costs. It offers very good contamination detection levels because the product is homogenous and the depth of inspection is small.

Maximizing uptime and saving costs

The PipeChek x-ray system can be set-up within minutes and automatically calibrates in seconds as the x-ray generator and detector retract from the pipeline without the need for manual intervention.

Accurate rejection and minimizing product waste

The flow rate signal from the customers pump can automatically change the scan speed of the PipeChek as well as change the reject timings to match the customers flow rates.

PipeChek is built to exacting, robust METTLER TOLEDO Safeline standards, enabling it to deliver maximum uptime performance with minimal maintenance.

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