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Pipeline Metal Detector

Metal Detectors: Pipeline
Liquid, Paste and Slurry Inspection



High Performance in Harsh Environments

METTLER-TOLEDO SAFELINE Pipeline inspection systems are designed to inspect all manner of liquids, pastes and slurries for metal contamination in the most hostile food processing environments.

As an integrated system in your production process, Pipeline metal detectors can increase productivity, improve the competitiveness of your business, reduce overall costs and support compliance with food safety standards.

High Sensitivity for Maximum Security The use of SAFELINE advanced detection coil technology and digital signal processing combined with new enhanced filtering techniques delivers unparalleled levels of in-process detection sensitivity to all metal types. Ferrous, non-ferrous and normally difficult to identify non-magnetic stainless steel contaminants can be easily detected and removed from process lines.

Pipeline detectors are also able to find non-spherical contaminants such as wire, swarf and slithers of metal - the most difficult contaminants to detect. Advanced software provides exceptional levels of in-process stability resulting in reliable, on-line performance and minimized product waste due to the elimination of false triggering and the loss of good product.

Pipeline metal detection systems utilize SAFELINE's unique ZMFZ technology to guarantee minimal overall pipe length reducing the potential for product creaming and allowing them to be inserted into new or existing lines where space is restricted.

All pipeline systems benefit from the use of proven SAFELINE PowerPhase software technology providing intuitive, rapid set up and operation.

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