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PowerPhrase PRO Metal Detector

Metal Detectors: PowerPhrase PRO
Triple Frequency Metal Detection



Triple Frequency Metal Detection

The PowerPhasePRO metal detectors utilize sophisticated software technology to provide the most advanced metal detection systems on the market with total inspection flexibility for a wide range of applications and products.

PowerPhasePRO metal detectors incorporate advanced Condition Monitoring as standard. When fitted with the Due Diligence Enhancement Software Package, this can provide a level of system integrity that guarantees total system performance to ensure not only the highest level of metal detection sensitivity is achieved, but also the highest level of failsafe system operation.

The PowerPhase PRO detector is ideally suited for use in dry applications as well as harsh, washdown environments where sanitation is a primary concern.

Detecting the Most Challenging and Irregular Shaped Contaminants

PowerPhasePRO metal detectors utilize Multi, Ultra-High and Tuned frequency operation pioneered by METTLER TOLEDO Safeline to give greatly improved detection sensitivity, particularly when inspecting dry, non-conductive products and where the contamination in question is nonferrous and/or non-magnetic stainless steel. Optimizing the performance capability of the excitation coil of the metal detector at a particular frequency or group of frequencies enables the detection of the smallest metal contaminants to be achieved including those which are non-spherical and irregular shaped such as wire and swarf.

Advanced Boost Technology

PowerPhasePRO detectors utilize a unique 'Boost' mode which incorporates a configurable, intelligent sensitivity boosting software algorithm. The detector is able to discriminate between product and metal contaminant signals which provides enhanced detection capability and raises sensitivity to unprecedented levels. Stainless steel contaminants of less than 1.0mm in diameter* can be readily identified using PowerPhasePRO metal detectors.

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