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PowerPhrase PRO Select Metal Detector

Metal Detectors: PowerPhrase PRO Select
Variable Frequency Metal Detection



Variable Frequency Metal Detection for Maximum Versatility

Advanced PowerPhasePRO Select metal detectors utilize Variable Frequency technology to provide unparalleled flexibility and future-proofing enabling widly differing products to be inspected with a single machine.

PowerPhasePRO Select detectors are particularly suited to applications where a "product effect" is encountered from the presence of moisture in the product or from metallic packaging materials including metallized films. METTLER TOLEDO Safeline unique Opti-Select technology automatically chooses the ideal operating parameters from 8 primary frequencies. Over 800 additional custom operating frequencies are also available to enable the performance of the metal detector to be tailored to the exact parameters of the product being inspected to ensure the highest levels of sensitivity are always achieved.

Maximized Performance on Wet and Conductive Products

Wet or conductive products or those packed in metallized film materials can produce a large "product signal" making inspection a challenge for less sophisticated metal detection systems.

The development of METTLER TOLEDO Safeline unique "Optimized Vector and Noise Control" (OVNC) software algorithm enables all unwanted signals including those generated from the product, plant vibration or from the actual working environment to be electronically filtered and eliminated. This allows the signals generated by metal contamination to be greatly enhanced making them more readily detectable, resulting in significantly improved detection performance levels while eliminating the costs associated with the rejection of good product.

Intelligent Multi-Channel Technology Delivers Greater Detection Capability

The detection capability of PowerPhasePRO and PowerPhasePRO Select metal detectors is optimized by the simultaneous operation of multiple detection channels which combine to reduce the overall size of the detection envelope. Detection sensitivity is further enhanced through the use of intelligent detection envelope profiling software which allows even the smallest pieces of metal to be detected providing even greater levels of protection.

Robust Mechanical Construction

Sealing standards in excess of IP69K when required and sophisticated environmental noise and vibration immunity systems ensure PowerPhasePRO and PowerPhasePRO Select metal detectors can operate reliably in the most demanding of applications.

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