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Checkweigher: SST
Superb weighing



Fits over production lines, handles a wide range or packages

HI-SPEED experience and innovation has resulted in the development of the SST Checkweigher. Designed for users that process round or oval shaped packaging, the SST Checkweigher eliminates the need for time consuming and expensive line modifications by conveniently fitting directly over existing production conveyors. Timing screws, spacing hold back wheels, and reject mechanisms are also cantilever over the line for fast installation and maximum uptime.

The unique patented side grip weigh conveyor design slightly lifts the package off the line to determine an accurate weight. It gently places the package back on the conveyor maintaining proper line spacing for continued transport or sortation if an off-weight condition is detected. The side grip weigh conveyor is height and width adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of packages.

Patented Side Grip Weigh Conveyor Design

Fits over existing production lines, unique design is height and width adjustable to handle a wide range of package types and sizes suitable for bottles, cups, tubes, and aerosol cans.

XE or XS Controller

Choose between the XE controller with its 100 product memory, and high contrast color touch screen or the XS featuring a larger 15" dashboard style display and exceptional IP69K protection.

Flexible connectivity

The XE and XS controllers can connect to a wide variety of external devices or interfaces including serial RS232/RS422, Ethernet along with other popular fieldbus protocols such as Profibus DP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, EtherNet/IP, or a full OPC DA 2.05a Server.

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