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SideCheck X-ray inspection system

X-Ray Inspection: SideChek
X-ray inspection system



Inspection of Fluid and Semi-Solid Products

Inspection of Plastic Composite Containers Safeline SideChek is designed for a wide variety of inspection needs across the food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Utilizing a single horizontal beam, the SideChek detects many contaminants including metal, stone, bone, glass, and high-density plastics. SideChek can inspect for missing product, damaged or broken product, and product mass can be accurately measured for over/under consistencies. A wide variety of optional reject mechanisms are available.

The SideChek incorporates an electronically controlled low powered x-ray generator combined with proprietary data and image analysis software.

The SideChek x-ray inspection range address the need for improved detection at higher production speeds on can manufacturing lines. The SideChek x-ray system is able to inspect cans spaced rim-to-rim allowing contaminant detection to take place at a rate of up to 1500 cans per minute (cpm). The SideChek x-ray technology features reduced focal length and improved bean angles to enable faster throughput while maintaining optimal quality assurance.

With the SideChek system detection levels are simply staggering while, incredibly, power consumption is minimized. The range of the Sidechek x-ray system is capable of inspecting a wide range of can sizes, offering quick production line change overs which maximizes production line uptime, and high levels of operational flexibility are ensured. The features of the SideChek x-ray system reduces total cost of ownernership, increases productivity and ensures minimum false rejects and production waste.

Simplicity of Operation

Full color, high resolution touch screen gives you full control of the system without the need for a keyboard.

Sanitary Design

All Safeline x-ray systems meet sanitary design standards with AMI and 3A Dairy designs available as options.

Extreme Washdown Protection

Safeline's X-ray Inspection equipment withstands the harshest washdown environments through the use of proprietary sealing techniques.

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