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heavy duty aluminum can/bottle applications



Pressure Inspection up to 11 bar or 160 psi

The TapTone 4000-FS is designed to handle the higher pressure applications found with many aerosol containers and heavy duty aluminum can/bottle applications. The system inspects 100% of containers at production line speeds. The TapTone 4000-FS is manufactured with a stainless steel transport system for harsh environments. The reinforced side plates give extra rigidity for high pressure applications and allow for a stable reading with excellent resolution. The system can alternatively be fit with a mid-range or low range pressure sensor for applications that require all-stainless steel construction.

Force Technology

Detects leaks and low pressure in LN2 dosed containers, carbonated beverage containers and aerosol containers. Parallel belts transport the container past a sensor that measures the tension on the sidewall of the container. This action allows the system to measure the pressure inside the container. Utilizing DSP technology, the controller analyzes the measurement and assigns a merit value to each container. If the merit value is outside of the acceptable range, a reject signal activates a remote reject system and the container is removed from the line.

Optical Technology

The Optical sensor is used to measure fill level of water based products in glass and plastic containers. The sensor utilizes a special emitter/receiver infrared wavelength tuned to the absorption band of water. The beam is powerful enough to pass through most types of plastic and glass containers but will not pass through water based liquids.

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