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Tablex 2 Metal Detector

Metal Detectors: Tablex 2
Tablet and Capsule Inspection System



Inspection of Tablets and Capsules

The use of Safeline's sophisticated detection coil technology combined with new enhanced filtering techniques delivers unparalleled on-line sensitivity to all metal types. Ferrous, non-ferrous, and normally difficult to identify non-magnetic stainless steel contaminants are easily detected.

Designed and built to comply with FDA, GMP standards and to satisfy the demands of the pharmaceutical industry, Tablex 2 metal detectors for tablets and capsules provide the ultimate in mobile, fully integrated product inspection and rejection systems.

Tablex 2 pharmaceutical inspection systems provide unrivalled metal detection sensitivity to all metal contaminants including non-magnetic stainless steels and difficult to find, minute sieve wire contaminants. This exceptional performance is further enhanced by robust construction for maximum on-line stability.

Easy to operate

The operator interface is provided via a robust, intuitive menudriven membrane key panel. This offers simple set-up routines and maximum inspection process control.

High quality construction

Manufactured in polished stainless steel, Tablex 2 machines are rugged to suit the every day demands of pharmaceutical environments.

Easy to clean design

Reject devices are designed to be dismantled and assembled quickly without the use of tools. The electrical elements are fully removable enabling contact parts to be fully submerged in wash down for thorough cleaning.

Reject options

A choice of two interchangeable Tablex 2 reject devices are available to suit all product types, applications and configurations.

Simple operation is provided through industry standard SAFELINE Signature software accessed via a menu driven membrane key panel.

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