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Heavy Duty Cornerstone SA

Checkweigher: Cornerstone SA
Rugged, Sanitary, and Complete



High performance checkweighing for harsh environments

Cornerstone SA is the ultimate in checkweigher design for sanitary and harsh environments commonly found in food processing operations. Ideal for raw, unwrapped, or packaged products the Cornerstone SA is built to meet tough food industry sanitary design requirements. In addition, user proven inspection technologies from HI-SPEED and SAFELINE can be combined to deliver an integrated solution where precision checkweighing and reliable metal detection are required to fit in a limited amount of space, while maintaining the sanitary design and easy to clean construction required to maximize production uptime. The XS controller keeps track of vital production information. Product set-up and changeover is simple and fast using the large color touch screen. The system is also available with a wide variety of line integration options including OPC server, fieldbus, feedback, and Ethernet communications, all designed to maximize system productivity.

Sanitary Design

CIP or COP it’s your choice! Designed to tough food industry standards the open construction and no-tools conveyor maintenance makes cleaning and inspection fast and complete. Cornerstone SA minimizes production down time through smart design and years of practical experience.

Rugged User Interface

IP69K compliant for harsh environments, the large 15” user interface provides “at-a-glance” monitoring from long distances while being easy to operate - making product set-up and changeovers fast and easy.

Superior Performance

IP69K compliant EMFR weigh cell technology from METTLER TOLEDO ensures sustained accuracy from the first to the last package weighed, no matter the application or environment.

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