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XE2 Checkweigher

Checkweigher: XE2
Precise, compact, and economical



The XE2 checkweigher combines economy and the latest weighing technology in a compact system.

Benefit from the flexibility of the XE2. Available in various sizes the XE2 covers a weighing range of up to 600 grams - with the highest accuracy.

The XE2 allows for height adjustment and reversible transport direction, it combines economy and the latest weighing technology in a compact system with operator-friendly screen menus and prompts. Belt speed is continuously variable with constant maximum torque. The conveyor belt can be quickly removed for fast cleaning and maintenance.

The XE2 checkweigher is a compact, economical and highly efficient checkweighing solution. A 5.7" touchscreen interface, 100 product memories, 3 weight zones and a large range of options and accessories make the XE2 checkweigher suitable for a broad scope of applications in all industry segments weighing products up to 600g.

The XE2 checkweigher is suitable for dynamically weighing products up to 600.g with an accuracy from ± 100mg and a maximum throughput of 200 ppm.

Performance and value, combined with a wide array of package handling, production monitoring, control and communications options, make the XE2 optimally suited to checkweighing applications in virtually all sectors of industry.

The XE2 checkweigher has a particularly compact design and small footprint. This makes it perfect for applications where factory floor space is at a premium and allows simple integration into your existing production line.

Color touch screen

The 5.7" color touchscreen user interface has a very intuitive and easy to use multilingual icon-based menu system with unlimited user profiles. This makes product setup and changeover procedures both fast and efficient, thereby minimizing downtime and operator training requirements.


Direction and travel and line height can be adapted to the customer's requirements.

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