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Starweigh XS Checkweigher

Checkweigher: Starweigh XS Checkweigher
Laboratory accuracies at production throughput



Starweigh - for light weight, unusual shaped packages

The HI-SPEED Starweigh has proven to be the absolute best solution for checkweighing of a wide range of package sizes containing valuable materials. High value products typically require 100% inspection and the Starweigh has been used to provide highly accurate checkweighing of round, oval, and even rectangular shaped packages. Starweigh delivers milligram accuracy at throughput up to 400 ppm. Simple to install and requiring no line cuts, the Starweigh can integrate packaging lines by simply straddling the existing conveyor.

HI-SPEED has enhanced the excellent checkweighing performance of the Starweigh with the addition of the XS control featuring a 15" diagonal full color touch screen user interface.

precise checkweighing

The Starweigh XS is a unique and highly precise checkweighing system delivering laboratory accuracies at high production throughput rates. The Starweigh XS checkweigher is the first choice when weighing high value, lightweight and unusually shaped products or containers.

This checkweigher is optimal for use in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries.A notable feature of the Starweigh XS checkweigher design is that it can be used without interrupting the production line by straddling the existing conveyor. This enables extremely simple, fast and space saving integration. The Starweigh XS checkweigher operates in an intermittent weighing cycle with a rotary product flow - optimal for unstable products with a small footprint.

15" color touchscreen interface

The flexible product handling design, combined with the highly intuitive 15" color touchscreen interface, reduces the time and effort required for product changes to an absolute minimum. One benefit of this is considerably less downtime. The starwheel ensures safe product handling and tracking and integrates product rejection within the intermittent rotary cycle.

The industry proven, modular design can be enhanced with the full range of software options and accessories available. This allows you to tailor the checkweigher to your specific application requirements. It is particularly service friendly, cutting maintenance time to an absolute minimum and significantly reducing downtime.

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Starweigh XS
Starweigh XS
Starweigh XS
Starweigh XS

"No Tools"

Starwheel Changeout Automatic raise/lower controls and removal for fast product change over.