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XS2 Checkweigher

Checkweigher: XS1
High throughput weighing for small packages



HI-SPEED delivers a compact design specifically for small packages

The XS1 is ideal for checkweighing small, lightweight packages or valuable products and materials where high accuracy and maximum throughput are required. In addition to it's ability to handle smaller packages the XS1 also shares the technical benefits offered by the XS easy-to-use color touch screen user interface for intuitive operator guidance. A wide variety of line integration, production control and monitoring, product security and connectivity options are also available with the XS1.

The XS1 checkweigher has been specially developed for exceptionally accurate weighing of small, very high value products at high production line throughput rates. An extremely precise and ultra-lightweight conveyor system, a 15 inch touchscreen interface, 200 product memories and a full range of options and accessories make the XS1 checkweigher the perfect solution for high precision applications.

The XS1 checkweigher is suitable for dynamically weighing products up to 200.g with an accuracy from ± 0.015 g and a maximum throughput of 600 ppm.

The industry proven, modular design can be enhanced with the full range of software options and accessories available. This allows you to tailor the checkweigher to your specific application requirements. It is particularly service friendly, cutting maintenance time to an absolute minimum and significantly reducing downtime.

Flexible height adjustment, reversible transport direction and optional wheeled mobility package allow this checkweigher to rapidly adapt to your changing production requirements throughout its long service life.

With the "auto setup" software wizard and the user friendly 15" touchscreen interface, very little training is required in setting up the menus. The multilingual user profile and product image functions ensure fast product changeover and fewer operator errors, resulting in a minimum of downtime.

Color touch screen

Large 15” display for excellent visability and easy operation. Dashboard style configuration presents all pertinent information at a glance.

EMFR weigh cell

METTLER TOLEDO Electro Magnetic Force Restoration weighing technology for unparalleled accuracy and performance.


Precision tuned conveyors are the core of the XS1 system with ultra quiet operation at high line rates.

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