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CM9400 Checkweigher

Canweigh: CM9400 Checkweigher
Fast, accurate, and reliable



Starweigh - for light weight, unusual shaped packages

The CM9400 Canweigh™ checkweigher, ideal for round containers such as cans and bottles, uses the patented Hi-Speed technology that eliminates timing screws and integrates timing, spacing, and scale sections, allowing seam-to-seam weighing.

The Hi-Speed CM9400 Canweigh™ checkweighers are high-precision checkweighing solutions for round containers such as cans running at high production rates. Its patented seam-to-seam weighing technology allows maximum throughput at normal line speeds.

Two versions are offered

The CM9400 for applications up to 550 ppm and the 9410, for applications up to 800 ppm. Each system includes the patented chain transport system with integrated timing, spacing, weigh, and discharge sections combined with a HI-SPEED XS checkweigher controller.

15" color touchscreen interface

The flexible product handling design, combined with the highly intuitive 15" color touchscreen interface, reduces the time and effort required for product changes to an absolute minimum. One benefit of this is considerably less downtime. The starwheel ensures safe product handling and tracking and integrates product rejection within the intermittent rotary cycle.

Servo-Cam rejecters

The servo-cam rejecter will gently redirect the non-conformed container without damage or spillage while maintaining maximum throughput.

Side transfer conveyors

Side transfers enable convenient integration of the checkweigher alongside wxisting product lines, delivering smooth product transfer on and off the product line.

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