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SAFELINE METAL DETECTION METTLER TOLEDO SAFELINE is the global market leader in the field of industrial metal detection for the food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging industries. SAFELINE metal detection solutions offer maximum detection sensitivity with minimum false rejects.

SAFELINE X-Ray Inspection technology offers exceptional contamination detection, such as glass, metal, stone and high-density plastics, even for products packaged in foil or metallised film. In addition x-ray systems can simultaneously perform a wide-range of in-line quality checks. These include measuring mass, counting components, identifying missing or broken products, monitoring fill levels, inspecting seal integrity and checking for damaged packaging.

HI-SPEED CHECKWEIGHING is the leading global checkweighing manufacturer and is part of the METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Division. Hi-Speed standard and highly customized product inspection solutions are built to suit your specific application, environment, regulatory, and industry requirements.

HI-Speed checkweighers deliver productivity and profitability with the most comprehensive line of checkweighers for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and non-food industries.

TELEDYNE TAPTONE TapTone technology was originally introduced by Benthos, Inc. a company founded in 1962 to provide custom-designed oceanographic products to researchers. Over the years, the Benthos line of underwater products expanded through acquisition and internal research and development programs. In 1971, the company leveraged its expertise in acoustic technology – widely used in underwater applications – to create a new line of non-oceanographic products for inspecting consumer packages made of metal, glass or plastic. Teledyne TapTone is now part of the Electronics and Communications business unit of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, based in Los Angeles, California.

CMI INDUSTRIES. CMI core business is the supply of fully automatic packing lines for liquid and dense products in rigid containers of any material and shape.CMI is known worldwide for its company reliability as well as high quality standard of its products. Since 1982, the long CMI experience permitted the creation of a wide machine range suitable to satisfy any customer’s request.

FUJI ROBOTICS With over 12,000 Robotic Palletizers installed worldwide, FUJI ROBOTICS is unmatched in "Palletizing" technology. Experience, sharp focus and dedication to the palletizing industry have enabled FUJI ROBOTICS to provide the best possible solution to your palletizing needs. PeakLogix specializes in the complex implementation of Fuji robotic palletizers. Each client engagement opens with a theory of operation, needs assessment and design solution to seamlessly integrate robotic machinery within facility operations.

EFFYTEC PACKAGING EFFYTEC is a company leader in the technology and manufacturing of horizontal pouch machinery, for packaging all type of products from different sectors in sachets and pouches: food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharma and other applications. A company composed by a team of great professionals highly qualified with over 30 years of packaging industry experience. Our know-how enables us to provide the optimum solution for each client with the highest performance and highest quality and innovative packaging. The spirit of constant improvement in technology has positioned EFFYTEC as a company of international reference in the packaging sector. We export 95% of our production and as of today, our technical and sales action is present in 5 continents, through the extensive network of distributors who integrated our commercial activity.

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