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Opti PipeChek X-ray inspection system

X-Ray Inspection: Opti PipeChek
Fast, accurate, and reliable



X-ray Inspection of Vacuum-Pumped Boneless Meat and Poultry Products

The new Marlen/Mett ler Toledo Safeline Opti PipeChek X-ray inspection system was designed specifically to meet the unique high-speed inspection needs of processors of boneless whole muscle, trim and ground poultry and meat products. By using the Marlen Opti-Series Pump, products are more gently handled, and the vacuum removes air from the product, eliminating air pockets that may cause costly false rejects.

The system thoroughly inspects products for bone and metal inclusions at high production speeds of up to 34,000 lbs. per hour. When a contaminant is detected, the Marlen system controls the PipeChek reject system to dramatically reduce product reject amounts to 3 – 5 lbs., well below the typical volumes, resulting in increased product yields.

The Opti PipeChek system is manufactured to run on either Mettler Toledo Safeline PipeChek operating platform or its PipeChek Plus platform, offering customers a choice of software, x-ray generator and detector configurations to optimize the inspection.

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