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Bandoleer X-ray inspection system

X-Ray Inspection: Bandoleer
X-ray inspection system of Continuous Packaged Products



Inspection of Foil and Metallized Film Packaging

X-ray inspection systems work on absorption difference rather than conductivity. X-ray systems can therefore detect ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel even in foil or metallized film packaging. In addition x-ray systems do not suffer from changes in product temperature or moisture like traditional inspection systems ensuring minimum false rejects.

The Bandoleer x-ray inspection system is suitable for the inspection of blister packs, powder and sachet bandoleers before cutting and packaging. It is the first x-ray inspection system in the world which allows simultaneous filler feedback and inspection at the filler station.

X-ray Inspection of Continuous Packaged Products

Bandoleer X-ray inspection systems offer the highest level of detection capability of food and pharmaceutical products in pouches, packets, blister cards, and other packages in a continuous web prior to cutting and additional packaging. The system detects and automatically rejects contaminants as small as 0.6mm, including metal, glass, stone and bone.

Bandoleer systems operate at production line speeds of up to 2,000 packages per minute. Each system's frame can be custom-designed to integrate it into your unique production line.

With low energy x-ray and advanced software algorithms Bandoleer's detection performance is optimized for your application.

Bandoleer is built to exacting, robust METTLER TOLEDO Safeline standards, enabling it to deliver maximum uptime performance with minimal maintenance.

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